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Our Speakers and Panelists

Eric Machado

Eric, a tenacious and results-driven entrepreneur originally hailing from Canada. Renowned as a seasoned investor and partner, he played a pivotal role in the success of a 9-figure e-commerce business in Australia. With an impressive track record, Eric has also been instrumental in scaling multiple 8 and 7-figure e-commerce ventures to prosperity. Beyond his e-commerce investments , Eric’s diverse business portfolio spans various industries, showcasing his versatility as a dynamic entrepreneur. One of Eric’s standout qualities is being a super connector, effortlessly bringing together individuals and businesses to create synergies and unlock new opportunities, solidifying his reputation as a key player in the business ecosystem.

Jellaine Dee

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Jellaine is a seasoned Global Beauty Entrepreneur, renowned for her achievements with her former beauty brand, Cherry Blooms. Under her leadership, the business experienced exponential growth, generating $10 million in just three years primarily in offline sales channels such as Department Stores, TV Shopping and Professional Distribution across 8 countries.


Her impressive track record includes winning a prestigious Telstra Business Award, earning a spot on the BRW Fast 100 list, and successfully expanding her business to the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.


In 2018, she successfully sold her beauty brand to a private equity firm and exited the business. Currently, Jellaine dedicates her time to assisting emerging brands in navigating a path to success, similar to her own. Additionally, she is a committed Ambassador for Domestic Violence charities, such as Open Haven while juggling mum life of two girls.

Adam Hudson

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Adam Hudson is an Australian entrepreneur who has surpassed 9-figures in online sales. 


He spent a number of years training and then supporting one of the largest Amazon seller networks in the world, a group that has now surpassed $2.5B in sales on Amazon by the end of 2022. 


Prior to that, Adam owned one of America’s most prolific animation studios based in Hollywood California. The company did around 300 projects a year and worked for some of the largest companies in the country including Canon, MasterCard, McDonalds, The World Bank, Volvo, and many others. He sold the company in 2015.


Today, Adam is the co-founder of Unemployable Media, a media and training company that creates content, communities, and live events for those craving genuine education and connection with people who have chosen the difficult path of small business, entrepreneurship, and self-directed wealth creation.

Carrie Miller

Carrie has been an e-commerce seller since 2016. She is currently a 7 figure Amazon Seller and a 6 figure Walmart Seller. She has shared her knowledge as a speaker at conferences such as Prosper in Las Vegas and Billion Dollar Seller Summit. She is passionate about sharing strategies, tips and tricks that will help other e-commerce sellers succeed.

Dante Botha

The founder of Conversion Advantage, leads a pioneering Ecommerce agency specializing in Google Ads and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). With a fervor for digital marketing, Dante has propelled his agency to the forefront of the industry, where it stands out for its expertise in scaling Ecommerce businesses.

Under Dante's guidance, Conversion Advantage excels in crafting bespoke Google Ads strategies that drive remarkable growth. Beyond advertising, the agency is dedicated to enhancing client success through comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization services. Dante's strategic vision and commitment to staying ahead of digital trends make Conversion Advantage a go-to resource for Ecommerce ventures seeking effective and innovative solutions. Dante Botha's entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind the success stories of numerous Ecommerce enterprises that have thrived with Conversion Advantage's expertise.

Blake Hutchison is the CEO at Flippa, the leading marketplace globally to buy and sell sites, stores and digital properties. Blake leads a global team working towards empowering individuals and companies to take ownership and thrive in this new small business economy. He has overseen the development of Flippa’s Off-Market, mapping the world’s largest database of online businesses and giving buyers unprecedented access to online businesses, as well as Flippa’s AI driven matching engine for business owners and prospective buyers.

Blake Hutchison

Lyden Smithers is the President and Co-Founder of The Titan Group. At the helm of a 200-strong team, he oversees a portfolio of Amazon brands generating high 8 figures in sales annually. With over 10 years in the Amazon space, Lyden is an International speaker, widely known in the industry as a negotiation expert.

Lyden Smithers

Ryan Elliott

Ryan is a 3x tech entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of - a Venture Capital backed SaaS company. Fusing his skill of forging business partnerships and a deep understanding of technology, Ryan co-founded - a solution that automates and accelerates brand-to-brand partnerships for ecommerce stores. 

Rafay has 8 years of experience in the e-commerce industry and is a specialist in external marketing for Amazon businesses. His expertise spans influencer marketing, TikTok advertising, and short-form media strategy. He's even built and successfully exited his own Amazon brand.

Rafay will be sharing advanced, step-by-step strategies to supercharge your sales with external traffic through TikTok.

Rafay Hussain

Danielle Bratek

We protect your brand! Based in Miami Florida, Danielle’s boutique law practice is focused exclusively on US trademark and copyright law. Founded in 2008, Danielle focuses on prompt client communication, honest advice, and demystifying the many nuances of these complex areas of law.

Looking to drive sales and value to your brand? Georgie will show you her strategy of building an audience on and off Amazon to do just that!

After growing and selling an education business for high 7 figures, Georgie ventured into Amazon in 2018, scaling to 7 figures in just over a year. Georgie’s journey in eCommerce is driven by more than just profit; it’s about creating a life where family comes first and work flexibly fits around it. As a leader in the Titan Network, she’s passionate about marketing and branding, especially through audience building — a strategy she credits for giving her business a competitive edge.

Georgie Pearce

Eric Karich is a Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney with over 25 years of experience with helping Sellers protect their intellectual property. The firm specializes in protecting Amazon sellers, and other e-commerce companies, with the patents to protect their product listings, and trademarks to protect their brands.  

Karich & Associates has successfully registered over 1,000 patents and successfully removed hundreds of competitors who attempt to unfairly copy our clients.  Even minor product improvements can be protected via Utility and/or Design patents, which can then be used to remove infringing competitors.  The firm also offers services for obtaining international patent protection in countries and regions such as the European Union,, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, India, and others.

Eric Karich

Graeme Paddock

Graeme Paddock departed school at 16, aspiring to be a professional golfer. The transition from passionate hobby to job revealed it wasn't a long-term fit. Intrigued by money and business, Graeme discovered entrepreneurship at a OneLife investment seminar, later relocating to Robina QLD through a golf club member's invitation.


Volunteering at the seminar, Graeme joined OneLife in event logistics, then transitioned to the real estate division, specializing in residential and commercial site acquisitions. After a few years, he started his own business, growing it over 15 years to multiple franchises, operating in three locations with a staff of 60. COVID was a profound awakening, revealing the unintentional prison his business had become.


Recalling a 2018 Robert Kiyosaki seminar featuring Adam Hudson, Graeme revisited E-commerce, recognizing its brilliance. This led to a decisive move – selling the real estate business and going all in on E-commerce. Over the next three years, Graeme built a successful brand, culminating in a seven-figure exit. Today, he nurtures and expands the established brand, starts a new one, and mentors within E-commerce networks like EcommTribe, supporting others on their entrepreneurial journeys.

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